Becoming One

It is the business of the church and of all Christians to uphold by Word and life the God-ideal of marriage – one man for one woman. The very purpose of making a male and a female was so they could become one.

The unique plumbing of each – different in body and in soul but the same in spirit – gives opportunity for intimacy and procreation. Biologically and psychologically men and women are different, but spiritually they are identical. Becoming one with God, jumpstarts the oneness that forms when the marriage grows in Him.

It’s important to remember that God created marriage to be based on a covenant, not simply a contract. God’s creation of a marriage covenant embraces the following principles:

A marriage covenant is based on trust in God.
A marriage contract is based on the distrust of each other.

A marriage covenant embraces unlimited responsibility.

A marriage contract accepts limited responsibility.

A marriage covenant cannot be disannulled by man.
A marriage contract can be voided by mutual consent.

The path to oneness takes time. It’s a journey, a worthwhile voyage as you discover the best connection you could have with your spouse—oneness. Marriage must be intentional and based on the truth that if we want something to happen, we need to make it happen. Either you will “happen” to your marriage, or circumstances will “happen” to it.  

Make an investment in your marriage. You become intimate with the one to whom you pray, the one for whom you pray and the one with whom you pray. Become one; you won’t regret it.